First time travel with babies or toddlers can be challenging.You just don't know what to do,what are the precautions to take, what to carry or not.All the parents face this situation at some point of time.So I understand if you are bit worried about it too.

I have been doing lots of research recently online and spoke to some of my friends who just came back from their first trip with their babies.
I was more interested in the steps they took ahead,how they did the planning and especially the mistakes and lesson learnt they had so that I don't repeat the same.Well certainly each trip is unique on its own and brings some new experience.....but it is always good to gather as much information as possible and be prepared.

I have made a list of all these baby travel tips and travel hacks and put into this article.The article is divided into multiple sections for your easy navigation.

Okay...Let's get started.

Planning for the Trip

#1.Consult with your pediatrician

Consult with your baby's pediatrician in advance and ask for all the safety precaution you need to take during your trip.Because the regular doctor who sees your baby all the time will know what will be best for him and prescribe if any medicine is needed. I am sure there are many websites which will suggest you to carry a set of some general medicines that are used all the time.But you might not need all of them, or you might need something else which is not even in the list.

Travelling on Flight

#2.Check for the Best Flight Seats

Do a thorough research on all the airlines,see what they are offering in terms of time,connecting flights,amenities,price -everything.Here are some of the key checklist questions you should ask well in advance:

  • What are the seat specifications?If there is any specific seat for the passengers travelling with the babies?Can it be pre-booked?
  • How much the airline is charging extra for the infant seat?
  • Are they providing any baby food items during the flight?
  • check
    How will the baby be seated during the take off and landing?
  • check
    Is the airline offering bassinet, diaper changing table or any other extra amenities during the flight?
  • check
    How much is the baggage allowance if you are travelling a baby?

These are some basic questions to start with.But you can ask any question that comes to your mind and get those clarified before getting into that flight.

#3.Check for the Best Flight Seats

Check with the airline and understand which sear will be better for you when you are travelling with baby.Passengers travelling with babies are often given special seats and offered free bassinet.Travelling with babies under the age of 2 is free of cost, but you won't get any seat for them.So travelling the entire flight holding your baby can be quite painful.But it doesn't have to be.

 Baby Mozart did few experiments and results turned out to be quite interesting most of the time.Here is how it is done.

Most airlines go for online check-in 24 hours prior to the flight time.Since most passengers go for the front row seats only, so that they can get out of the plane once it lands, we suggest you to go for seats which are towards the back of the plane.Now this hack most will more likely  work if you are with husband or wife.Choose the window seats for yourself and aisle seats for your husband/wife, leaving the middle seat.

If the flight the is not full and there are other empty seats available, most likely the seat will remain empty, as no adult passenger would like to seat in the middle seat. 

If the flight is full, and there is no other empty seats available, the passenger seating in the middle would be happy to exchange his or her seats with you for the window or aisle seat.So you will still be in win-win situation.

#4.Time gap between two Flights

Make sure you have at least 90 minutes of layout time before you get into your next flight, so that you don't have to rush.

#5.Understand which day and time will be best for travelling with baby

According to frequent fliers, early morning is probably the best time to travel with a baby because of the two main reasons.One, these are less crowded and second, babies are generally tired during this time of the hour and prefer to sleep or take a nap.

If morning time doesn't suit you, look for an alternate time when your baby is most likely to be sleeping or will be tired.

Travelling on a Bus or Car

Travelling on a bus or car could be more tiring and expensive than you would imagine because of the following reason:

Travelling with toddlers require lot of luggage.But the problem is you don't get much free allowance in terms of baggage.So if you might end up paying the same or more price for the luggage,that you would spend if you had taken the flight in the first place.

But if at all, if you have to travel by car or bus,keep the following points in mind:

  • Take the early morning  buses if possible.Early morning buses are generally not fully occupied and there might be a good chance that you will get an extra seat for your baby free of cost in case there is no passenger in the next seat.
  • check
    Plan your travel in such a way, so that you can get connecting transport facility once you reach your destination.If possible book a prepaid taxi or car rental service well in advance.

Packing for the Trip

Travelling on a bus or car could be more tiring and expensive than you would imagine because of the following reason:

#6.Carry a Backpack Diaper

Carry a backpack diaper bag.It is more convenient to carry items than the traditional shoulder bags.

#7.Bring baby carriers and wraps

Stroller is certainly a good choice if you are visiting a lot of locations. Rather it would be better if you could carry wraps and carriers, which are proven good for carrying babies.

#8.Baby Toys

Pack  their favourite toys( make sure it is least noisy so that it doesn't annoy your co-passenger).Toys should be  according to their age, something which will be interesting to them.Because newborns prefer different types of  toys than children who have started teething.Keep this in mind.

#9.Give Your Baby Pacifier

Pacifier is another useful item which you should pack.It becomes particularly  helpful during take off and landing to keep your baby calm.Take off and landing can cause ear pains for babies.Using pacifier will help in jaw movement and prevent the pain.

During Take-off, in Flight and Landing

#10.Feed according to the Schedule

During the flight feed the baby in his or her regular schedule and not make any unusual changes in the routine.It will take more time for the baby to adjust.Don't worry too much about the quantity of the food intake for the time being, if the baby is not interested in eating the full quantity.It will not good, rather the baby might fall sick.

#11.Play their favourite animated videos

If the baby likes watching cartoons or any animated video, make sure you have them on your mobile or tab. Playing these videos on the flight will keep the baby occupied during long times. I have seen many parents doing this on flights and this trick surely works.

#12.Do not worry about crying Baby

This can happen to anyone.Long journey flights annoy us, as well as the babies and they start crying.This is not something which is up to you or you have any control on it.
So do not feel embarrassed when it happens and focus on how to calm your baby.Co-passengers are generally very helpful and they understand the situation.

#13.Seek Flight Attendant's Help

Do not hesitate to approach flight attendants and seek their help.Believe me or not, they are experts and probably have dealt with these kind scenarios many times in past.They will be happy to assist you.