If you are worried about your baby's sun-protection while they are playing outside, you have come to the right page. In this article, we have come up with a list of best baby sun hats which are fun looking that your child will love to wear them. And at the same time, these baby hats will protect them from all kind of harmful rays that they would have exposed to otherwise. Whether the baby is playing in the backyard or on the beach or playing with sand, these hats are perfect for those sunny, summer days.

While the sunscreens are also essential for skin safety and must have during a sunny day, a baby will work as an extra layer of protection against harmful sun rays.

Being that said, choosing the right baby hat for your baby is one of the difficult things to do. The market is full of options and these baby hats are full of colors,safety features. If you are not sure what to look for before buying one, keep reading as we are about to explain 6 most critical points that you must consider before purchasing a baby hat.

8 critical points that you must consider before buying a  baby hat

Here is the list of the 8 critical things to consider.


The baby sun hat must be correct in size. Too small or too big size both are going to the problem. A too small hat can make your baby uncomfortable as it might be tightly fit to the head. On the other hand, a large size hat can easily be blown away by the wind.

should always measure the circumference of the baby's head. In this way, you will get an idea of the right size of the baby hat.In most of the websites, you will get the measurement guide which you will tell you what should be the right size for your baby based on specific criteria like age, weight, height, etc. Check it carefully before making a choice.


Let the skin breathe.Make sure that the baby hat is either made of a good quality fabric or straw. If you consider protection there is no better option than a straw baby hat. These are different looking (in a good way .. of course!), of good quality and most importantly breathable.However, the only thing that you might not like is the straw being too harsh on your baby's soft skin.

Fabric materials are equally good as they are made of natural or synthetic fibers. If you have to make a choice, always go for the cotton or other natural fibers over synthetic fibers. For example, bamboo yarn fabrics are breathable and way much better in terms of the level of comfort.


Style is equally important.But don't let the style take higher priority than other essential characteristics that we have mentioned above.Baby hats come in different looks and style. You might even find some baby hats which have polyester shell lined with cotton fabric which is good too as long as they are breathable and comfortable for your baby.


Always go for natural colours and avoid dark shades as much possible. Dark colour especially black is very harmful because it basically absorbs all wavelengths of light and converts them into heat, which is not at all good for the baby.Also, pay attention to which dyes are used to colour the fabrics. It must be lead-free to keep baby-safe.


The baby sun hat must have a wide brim to provide shades to the baby's face as well as the shoulder.For extra protection, you can also consider a bucket style baby hats which have the same length of brim all around or go for trucker style baby hay which has a wide front brim.

Additionally, legionnaire baby hats will be another great choice which is designed to cover the baby's neck and ear as well.

#6.UPF Rating

Just like the Sun Protection Factor(SPF), Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF is used as a rating to measure how much particular cloth can block the harmful ultraviolet radiation.Since babies have thinner and more sensitive skin, they are more vulnerable to UV rays than adults.

So if a baby hat has UPF of 25, it means that only 1/25th of the Sun's harmful UV radiation can pass through it to your baby's skin. The highest possible UPF factor is 50 plus.

So you should definitely consider buying a baby hat which has good UPF ratings.

#7.Chin Strap

Chin straps are good for babies as well as for older kids as well especially if they are roaming around in sea beach or other windy areas.

#8.Cleaning the Baby Hat

There is no doubt that you’ll need to clean the baby sun hat from time to time. So it is always a good idea to invest in such baby hats which are machine washable. For machine wash, do read the manufacturer’s instruction carefully to avoid any kind of fabric damage.

When is the right time to start wearing a baby sun hat?

There is no specific rule and timeline for it. But the best idea is to get your child into the habit of wearing a baby hat as early as possible. There are two reasons behind it. First, a baby's skin is very sensitive to sun rays comparative to an adult.So babies tend to get sunburned quickly. And if this keeps on happening on a regular interval, it might lead to other severe skin problems later. Wearing a sun hat will give the babies that protection.Second, babies take their own time to get accustomed to new things. By starting early, you can actually convince them that it is an essential fashion accessory which will not only make them look cool but also gives them protection. You can also engage them, taking their opinions in selecting baby hats. In that way, they will even understand the importance of it which makes your life easier.

The Best Baby Sun Hats of 2019

Now that we have explained some of the critical points to consider,it is time to review some of the best baby sun hats.

#1.Tuga Girls Reversible Bucket Hats-Best Sun Hat For Girls

Tuga Girls Bucket Hat is a uniquely designed baby sun hat for girls. It has a reversible design so you can use the hat both ways.One side of the hat has a brightly coloured pattern where the other side has a solid colour with a little pattern on the brim.The hat is lightweight and can be comfortably used for all day without any kind of problem. It is one of the best baby sun hats for girls.

The hat a wide brim which ensures better protection and covers against direct sunlight.

The hat fabric has a 50 plus UPF rating which means it is very effective against UVA and UVB rays.


If your baby girl has comparatively longer hair,buying a sun hat with a side or back flap may be not that important as their hair will give some extra protection.But there will be no harm in buying it.

One good thing about the hat is that it has an adjustable chin strap which can be removed as well when it is not required. Tuga Girls Bucket Hats are available in four sizes.

Offer Price
Tuga Girls Reversible Bucket Sun Hat (UPF 50+), Seafoam, Large
  • Our Tuga kids floppy bucket swim hats provide excellent sun protection, versatility and unique prints. Great for toddlers and little to big girls. Designed and made in sunny San Diego, California.
  • EXCELLENT SUN PROTECTION: Fabrics are rated UPF 50+ and provide maximum UV sun protection by blocking 98% of UVA + UVB sun rays, wet or dry; similar rating as SPF for sunscreens. Covered areas don't need sunscreen.
  • SKIN SAFE. REEF SAFE: Tuga childrens water hats are made from fabrics that are free of sunscreen chemicals, great for sensitive skin as well as the environment. Did you know that most sunscreens contain chemicals that kill coral reefs? By wearing Tuga swimwear and reef-safe sunscreen on exposed areas, you're helping to reduce your sunscreen footprint. We make skin safe and reef safe products!
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Lightweight, wide brim protects face/neck/ears (3" brim for small hats & 3.5" brim for medium/large hats), adjustable or removable chin strap for windy conditions, reversible hat for 2 color options.
  • QUALITY + COMFORT: Made of the same great fabrics as our swimwear so they can be worn in and out of the water, quick drying fabrics for ultimate comfort at the beach, pool, vacation, and pretty much anywhere.

SwimZip Unisex baby sun hats come with an adjustable chin strap which fits around easily around your baby’s chin. It also has a flexible head strap so that you can adjust it to your baby’s comfort level. Further, the chin strap breaks away to avoid choking hazards.

This baby sun hat has the highest possible 50+ UPF rating. Further to that, the all-around wide brim makes sure that your baby is protected against direct sun heat from every angle.The SwimZip Unisex sun hats are available in multiple colours.

The baby hat is so lightweight that is floats in the water if your baby accidentally drops in the water. The good part-the quick-dry fabric makes it ready for use again in no time.

SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat Adjustable | Mint 0-6 Month
  • Made with the highest rated, UPF 50+ sun protection fabric and wide brim for the best sun protection coverage for babies, toddlers, and kids! SPF 50+ polyester material blocks 98% of UVA and UVB Rays!
  • Adjustable. Both the head strap and the chin strap are adjustable to easily create the best fit possible.
  • Break away chin strap to help prevent choking.
  • It floats! Easily grab this hat if it ends up in the water. And the quick dry fabric will have it back and ready to use in a jiffy! (Corrosion resistant eyelets make this a great hat to take to the beach.)
  • Wide range of colors pair perfectly with SwimZip sun protection rash guard swimwear sets and sunsuits.

#3.Outdoor Research Rambler Sombrero-Best Big Kid Sun Hat

This baby hat is meant for bigger kids who like wearing things that match with their outfit rather than just going for a regular bright pattern.

The Outdoor Research doesn’t have a 50+ plus UPF rating, but 30+UPF rating is not bad either and considered as decent UPF rating one can look for in a baby hat.It has a stiffened brim which doesn’t fold down around them and gives a lot of shade.

Offer Price
Outdoor Research Kids' Rambler Sombrero Hat, Crocus, Large
  • Fabric Performance: Water-Resistant, Breathable, Lightweight, Wicking, Quick-Drying, TransAction Headband, UPF 50+
  • Design Features: Dark Fabric Under Brim, Floating Foam-Stiffened Brim, Varied Brim Width, Embroidered OR Logo
  • Functional Details: One-Handed Drawcord Adjustment, Breakaway Removable Chin Cord, Packable


With age, style takes more priority than features.Especially for kids… Make sure if you consider that advise of your kid as well.If they get to choose a sun hat of their own, they will be more likely to wear it, making your life a lot easier.

The hat comes with a headband for added moisture control and extra comfort. The draw-cord of the hat can be adjusted to your kid’s comfort level as broken away too in case of emergency.

#4.i play. Brim Sun Protection Hat-Best Wide Brim Sun Hat

The i play. Brim Sun Protection Hat comes in many colour options both in bright and neutral colours which will go with any kind of outfit. The hat will fit perfectly babies and toddlers.The chin strap keeps the hat tied to the child’s head in windy conditions.The adjustable toggle keeps a tighter fit on the baby’s head and can be loosened further if required. So in a way you can use it for a longer period-even as your baby grows up.

The over-sized wide brim will keep the baby protected against the harmful sun rays. The UPF 50+ rating ensures this.

The hat is machine-washable. Which means you do not have worry anymore if the hat gets dirty.

Offer Price
i play. by green sprouts Baby Hats & Cap's Brim Sun Protection Hat, White, 9/18mo
  • Special sun protective fabric and wider brim
  • Ties under chin
  • Lightweight and water resistant
  • UPF 50+ nylon
  • Excellent sun protection

#5.Outdoor Research Kids Helios Sun Hat Bug Protection-Best Sun Hat With A Chin Strap

Helios is an UPF 30 baby sunhat which has an external drawcord adjustment and removable chinstrap for extra flexibilty.Though they have marketed it as a Unisex baby sunhat, but if you ask us we will say it looks more better on boys than girls.

It has a wide brim to keep the sun rays off the face without impacting the baby's comfort level.

The hat comes in three different sizes and equipped with a transaction headband.Due to lightweight and superior quality of material the hats dry up quickly even if your baby is playing on the beach and the hat comes in contact with water.


A baby sun hat has to be durable enough against extreme rough usage.The hat can fall off in the wind, can be thrown away by the baby, stepped on, folded inside diaper bags and what now. So check carefully if the hat can be washed after using a few times.

Outdoor Research Kids' Helios Sun Hat, Fig, Medium
  • Fabric Performance: Water-Resistant, Breathable, Lightweight, Wicking, Quick-Drying, TransAction Headband, Checked Fabric, UPF 50+
  • Design Features: Dark Fabric Under Brim, Floating Foam-Stiffened Brim, Screen Printed Graphic, Reflective OR Logo and Graphic
  • Functional Details: One-Handed Drawcord Adjustment, Breakaway Removable Chin Cord, Packable
  • Brand name: Outdoor Research

#6.SunBusters Boys Flap Hat-Best Sun Hat For Boys

Just by the look and design itself, your baby will fall in love with this hat…So do you. The SunBusters Boys Flap Hat has a unique cool orca design which is considered a very trendy and cool among kids. Its long flap on the sides and back will protect your kid’s ears and neck from the sun.

Its sturdy yet flexible bill is perfect for infants, toddlers, and big kids.The lightweight flaps will hardly make their existence felt so your kid can wear the hat all day long without feeling uncomfortable.Lightweight material will also ensure breath-ability.

This 50+ UPF rating hat can block 98% of UVA + UVB sun harmful sun rays-the maximum possible protection.The long bil in front gives sufficient shade against direct sunlight.

The hat is made of swimsuit material so it can be used in or out of the water without any fear.The hat is made of quick dry fabric.

There are 3 sizes available in the market.So make sure if you take the correct measurement before buying one.

SunBusters Boys Flap Hat (UPF 50+), Sky Orca, Small
  • Lightweight, quick drying sun protective legionnaire baseball cap style hat with sturdy yet flexible bill. Perfect for infants, toddlers and big kids.
  • Optimal protection for face, neck and ears. Made of the same great fabrics as our swimsuits so they can be worn in and out of the water
  • SIZING: For optimal fit, wrap a soft measuring tape around head about 1" (inch) above eyebrows. If in between sizes, go up a size.
  • UV SAFE SWIMSUITS: Our children's swimwear fabrics are rated UPF 50+ and provide maximum UV sun protection by blocking 98% of UVA + UVB sun rays, wet or dry; similar rating as SPF for sunscreens. Our swim essentials ensure that covered areas don't need sunscreen.
  • SKIN SAFE. REEF SAFE: SunBusters swimwear is made from fabrics that are free of sunscreen chemicals, great for sensitive skin as well as the environment. Did you know that most sunscreens contain chemicals that kill coral reefs? By wearing SunBusters swimwear and reef-safe sunscreen on exposed areas, you're helping to reduce your sunscreen footprint. We make skin safe and reef safe products!

If your baby has sensitive skin, you should definitely consider Twinkle Bell Baby Hats as an option. These hats are made of 100 percent cotton and come in both standard and multicolored patterns.

50+UPF rating further ensures that it gets the highest possible protection against the harmful sun-rays. Not only this, its chin straps keep the hat anchored to your baby’s head so that it doesn’t come off quickly.

The hat is foldable. When not in use, you can easily fold it an keep it inside your pocket.

Its reinforced brim makes sure that it will stay up rather than flopping into the baby’s eye.

Kids 50+ UPF Sun Protection Hat, Size Adjustable Breathable with Chin Strap(X-Large: 5Y - 12Y, Blue Argyle)
  • Drawstring head adjustment makes good fit and longer use
  • Breathable 50+ UPF cotton for best sun protection and comfort
  • Easty toggle adjustable chinstrap keeps hat stay on head
  • Packable for easy storage and travel
  • Head size up to 45cm(18") for S, 52cm(20.5") for M, 56cm(22") for L

Wrapping  Up

Do not just rely on the baby sun lotion. While sun lotions are effective, There is nothing better if you can protect your baby from the direct sunlight in the first place. Baby Sun hats can really do it for you.We believe after reading this article, now you have a fair idea of what type of baby gate will be best for your baby. If you are still not sure, we would suggest you give another read.If we had to pick from the list, we would definitely go for Tuga Reversible Bucket Hat if it is a girl and SwimZip unisex hat for boys. Both these hats are best in the market in their respective category and most of all, both have 50 plus UPF rating, which definitely gives them an edge over other baby hats.

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