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When to start buying baby stuff

Waiting for the birth of your baby is a moment of great enthusiasm and joy. As we all know, this emotion generates some stress regarding the purchase of everything the baby may need both at birth and in the first months of life. The most advisable thing is to be advised by family or friends who have already been in that situation and know what will really be useful for both you and your baby. Those parents who have been on more than one occasion, are the experts in the field of Quality / Price, as well as the reliability of the different brands in the market for each product.

According to professional experts and experienced parents, it is advisable to start shopping around week 24, which, after approximately week 20, has already decreased any risk of abortion and there is already knowledge of the state in which the baby is. It is convenient to make a list of everything you need and take it easy. You can send this list to different brands, companies or stores to see if you qualify in the modality of free baby products for review and thus lower the budget of your shopping list.

For a long time, there is a tradition of adopting the pink color for girls and the blue color for boys. But times change and, now it is not so common for the baby's parents to wait to know if it is a boy or a girl to do the shopping and begin to accommodate the room of the new family member. Remember that there are thousands of colors that you can choose to paint the walls and all the accessories that you have in your shopping list.

The arrival of the new member of the family will cause the house to be filled with new accessories, some of them essential such as: the cradle, the baby trolley, the dining chair, etc. In addition, it should be borne in mind that many of the things that the baby will need cannot be used or enjoyed until they are approximately six months old (such as the potty), so it is not completely necessary to buy it before birth. It is essential to make the purchase of a baby gate, which, although it will not be used when it is newborn, at the time of starting to crawl it will be very necessary and very useful, you can always check in different online stores or blogs about baby gate reviews and thus make the purchase that best suits you.

A reasonable purchase must be made that corresponds to all physical and economic aspects of the family. If the house is small, you can save the bassinet and place the baby directly in a crib, or the intercom radio is not strictly necessary because of the proximity between the baby's room and his parents.

It is also recommended to investigate the brands and stores responsible for manufacturing and distributing baby products. There are many of them that present a modality of free baby products for review, which, the company sends a sample of each of its products for free, before they launch that product to the market, with the simple mission of obtaining the reviews (good or bad) of each product made.

In these times, we see how technology has been replacing the classic games that existed in the past. We note that the baby tends to imitate all the activities they perform in the videos they are always watching, that is why, it is necessary to buy a baby gate that guarantees that the baby will be in an area of the house out of danger and not It will allow it to go to another place in the house. To do this we will rely exclusively on the baby gates reviews of the buyers and list three of the best according to them:

#1.BabyDam Premier – Security gate.

The security level presented by this safety barrier is extremely high, and it is also capable of adapting to any space due to its dimensions. The main reviews of this baby gates rate this gate as the safest for the quality of its materials.

When to start buying baby stuff

#2.Munchkin Extending – Wooden barrier

For its installation it is necessary to make perforations in the wall, so it is not attractive to many, however, if it is for the top of the ladder it is the easiest and safest way to support the barrier. Customers ensure through their reviews of this baby gate, which is ideal for placing on the top of the stairs, these are not heavy and combine perfectly with the wooden decoration.

When to start buying baby stuff

#3.Hauck 597101

Finally, we have the Hauck 597101 which meets the security that everyone wants for their babies, in addition to this, you can choose between different models and colors available to combine with the home decoration.

When to start buying baby stuff

Also, we observe that there are countless companies that are dedicated to the manufacture of products and accessories for babies that have adopted the modality of sending baby products to customers who will have a baby to test them and give their opinions, it should be noted that they do in a totally free way.

Now, what are the essential accessories on my shopping list?

Next, the purchases you must make so that your baby has everything you need in your home will be shown:

  • The cradle: it has to be stable and resistant, without ornaments or ribbons near the baby. Without pillows, the sheets must be made of cotton and the waterproof mattress protector. The mattress should be firm and fit perfectly in the cradle base.
  • Trolley: You must comply with all safety regulations and with the baby with the belts tight. It must be light and with dimensions that are adequate, that is, that it passes through the door of the house, it can be climbed in the elevator and that it fits in the trunk of the vehicle.
  • Car seat: Must comply with current road safety regulations.
  • Baby Bathtub: There are many models and sizes. It all depends on the space available in the house. Never leave the baby alone in the bathtub.
  • Changing table: It is recommended that it be of a suitable height for the parents' comfort.
  • Pacifier: Must be appropriate to the age of the baby. It must be as clean as possible.
  • Baby clothes: Must be in cotton. Avoiding too many seams and embroidery so that the baby is not uncomfortable.
  • Baby Bottles: Essential for artificial feeding.
  • Bibs.
  • Bag: Soft brushes, rounded scissors, sponges, diapers, cleaning wipes, cream and soap, alcohol, thermometer (non-mercury) and cream to apply after changing the diaper.
  • Toys: Mobile phones with music, soft or soft dolls that can bite.
  • Intercom: Only necessary if the baby sleeps apart from his parents and so far away that it is impossible to hear him cry.
  • Safety devices: Cover plugs, protection to dangerous tables, special carpets to prevent the baby from being mistreated if it falls, security doors in the room and stairs.
  • Plastic dishes: Special for when the baby begins to eat on their own.
  • Wrapping Up

    we hope,now with these tips you have a clearer idea of when to start buying things for your baby during your pregnancy.


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